Sunday, May 18, 2014

Antica Farmacista Home Ambience Collection

When I'm considering purchasing scent, notwithstanding discovering an aroma that I love, I search for the aggregate bundle, including a wonderful container.  The same is genuine when I think about a home scent or even a candle. I as of late attempted a few diffusers from the Antica Farmacista Home Ambience Collection and they are flawlessness in a jug!

Basically, Antica Farmacista makes your home more excellent, both as far as aroma and sight. The aromas that I attempted incorporate Bergamot & Ocean Aria, Acqua and Ala Moana. There are occasional, and also signature fragrances in the line.

The Bergamot & Ocean Aria scent is my top pick; a mix of citrus, flower, saltwater and musk notes.

Acqua undertakes a mid year at-the-ocean feel, with notes of marine green growth and sweet musk.

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